Acting School


You make your dreams happen

Actors! Remember it is your responsibility to make the commitment to become a great actor. You should be constantly taking acting classes, and this is where the Chicago Motion Picture Studios' Acting School comes into play...


Commitment is key

Seriously, you should question your commitment on a regular basis. Remember this job isn't for everyone, don't force it if you don't LOVE it. Your parents didn't tell you to be an actor they said to be a Doctor or Lawyer! Since your not listening to them in the first place make them proud of your decision by becoming successful! So commit and don't quit! "Break-A-Leg" 


Join the team

In Chicago you can be multi-listed with many agents. Since Chicago is more of a "commercial" oriented town rather then a "Film" town, that plays to the advantage of the actor. Sometimes you could be submitted by more than one agent, which means, the client or casting director may have a better chance to remember you! 

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Class Pricing

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